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Thank you for your interest in wanting to join the Black Rock Yacht Club. The first step is to come down to visit and have a look at our great facility. Guests are more than welcome to enjoy the club lounge and bar (be sure to sign in though) for up to 3 times before you will be asked to become a member. 
If you would like to become a member please complete the membership registration. All documentation can be found here.
Please note, membership is due for renewal 1st day of July each year.


Your details are important to us, so if there have been any changes please contact the office by phone or fill in this form and send it in. Alternatively you can log into "mySailor" and change your details yourself. You will need to know your Australian Sailing number and password to do this.

2017-2018 Fee Structure

The current Fee structure as of the 1st July 2017 is listed in the table below.


Membership Type
$100 Club Vouchers (Before Oct 1)
Building Levy
Pro Rata TOTAL (effective 1/2/2018) New members only
Restricted Senior.
Gold Senior.
Honorary Life.
Family (2 sen. sailing).
SUP/Swimmer. $155 $75 $65 $295 $220

Building Levy

Recently at a Members General Meeting there was unanimous support to continue raising funds for the exclusive use on building renovation and maintenance projects. The proposal was to continue the Building Levy at slightly increased rates for an additional 5 years, added to the following membership categories;
·Senior, Gold, Restricted and Life Memberships $125
·Associate and Social Memberships $65
·Family Memberships $185
Originally approved as a five year commitment for each member, this levy was extended for another five, and is your investment in the future success of the club and vital to making sure the facility remains welcoming for all members to enjoy. Payment of the Building Levy is mandatory for the renewal of your membership.
Original Letter to Members - Re Building Improvements (click here). 

Sailing School

Details for Black Rock's exciting training program, covering all needs from beginner to elite sailors.  Click the link to learn about current enrolments > Read more.

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